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How to Take Care of Maltipoo Puppies Effectively?

    Many people love to buy Maltipoo puppies for sale in San Antonio TX, but they don’t know how to take care of them. If you don’t take care of this pup properly, you may end up facing a lot of problems in the future. First of all, you need to understand that maltipoo is a cross breed of a poodle and Maltese. You can find these puppies in different colors and sizes. The weight of an adult can be in between five and 15 pounds depending on the poodle size. If you are on the lookout for a tiny, lovable, but intelligent dog as a pet, a maltipoo puppy is a very good option.

    Good companion, better choice for apartment living and high resistance to allergies

    These dogs become good companions of your children and they stay loyal to the pets. You can even grow them in apartments where you are experiencing space constraints. Shedding does not become a serious issue with maltipoos puppies in Texas. This breed shows high resistance to animal-dander allergies. The long coat of this dog must be brushed in a regular way.

    Start training at the beginning stage

    When it comes to offering training, you must be aware of some important aspects. After buying from one of the most reliable maltipoo breeders in Austin TX, you should bring the pup home in its kennel crate. Once you reach home, the crate should be set on the floor to allow the maltipoo to come out and examine its new home the way it wants. The cues your puppy need to be eliminated must be watched for. Some of them are starting to squat near the door, taking steps in circles and sniffing the floor. Your training efforts become successful if you teach puppy to eliminate in the area you designate in the beginning itself. It is always advisable to make the dog comfortable not by force but by motivating in a friendly way.

    Make use of positive reinforcement methods

    It is also necessary to show the maltipoo pup where it can find food and water. You need to choose a suitable place for crate and make efforts to help the dog feel at home. The pup needs to feel a sense of security inside the crate. When it comes to offering training, you have to follow positive reinforcement methods. The pup should be inside the crate whenever there is no direct supervision from you. Good crate training allows the dog to tune into the desired behavior easily. It also lowers separation anxiety effectively. In order to help the dog enjoy fresh air and have some exercise, you should take your maltipoo out at least once a day. This approach improves the socialization skills of the dog.

    If you are making efforts to identify the best maltipoo breeders in Texas, look no farther than ABCPUPPY. This renowned and reliable breeder offers healthy and well-trained pups and you can buy a maltipoo with confidence. A maltipoo can be purchased at an affordable price as well. .

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